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It is BEe Healing Guild’s goal to teach treatment-free BEe Perspective Beekeeping – an approach to beekeeping that honors our bees. The “BEe” perspective takes the human ego out of the picture and allows the honeybees to live healthy, resilient lives. We don’t use chemicals, other harsh practices, or essential oils. We use geomagnetic lines for hive pest control; feed the honey formula for a healthy immune system when it is needed; and more. This treatment-free method takes the human ego out of the picture and allows our bees to survive as they would in the wild as Mother Earth would have them. If the bees don’t take it through their entrance, we don’t put it through the roof.


To learn more, please join us for our 3-day class during the weekend of May 4-6, 2018, in the Spring Creek Community of Hot Springs, North Carolina, next to Max Patch trails.



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A Note from Our President

Thank you for visiting the BEe Healing Guild. There is a simple but profound prayer, Mitakye Oysasin, of the Lakota language which reflects the world view of interconnectedness held by the Lakota people of North America. As founder and president of the BEe Healing Guild and with a native American heart and spirit, I take this prayer seriously. I, Lady Spirit Moon, walk the Red Road and try to honor everything everywhere at all times. I take nothing without giving back something, whether it be a good thought, a prayer, or even a touch.


It is time to BEe Healing the earth, humans, and animals by bringing back the knowledge of our ancestors. What is that knowledge? It is earth stewardship. It is connecting to Mother Earth and Her environment. We, as a people – interconnected – need to touch Her soil with our hands naturally and without the use of harmful chemicals that contaminate everything we touch, smell, eat, and love. We need to take time away from the world of technology and social media and personally walk the earth. It is when we personally communicate with and enlighten Mother Earth’s heartbeat that we are healed by her.


Our honeybees are dying due to current day technology, pesticides, GMOs, and more. Humans are the reason. It is the Guild’s goal to teach BEe Perspective Beekeeping. We are glad that you have visited our site, and we hope that you will take the time to learn from us whether through our blogs, books, or workshops.


You will learn much about interconnectedness through us, especially when it comes to the honeybees. Not only do humans have the capacity for intelligence, compassion, and ceremonial rite. Our bees do as well.


In fact, honeybees have the ability to teach humans to be humane. If you’re willing, they will instruct you to listen to the stories in the wind, to the chuckling of water as it passes over the stones in the creek and to stand still long enough to hear your own heartbeat.