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Welcome to the BEe Healing Guild

Mitakuye Oyasin is phonetically pronounced ma’ ta ka wa‘ se. It comes from the Lakota language and means “all my relations” – we are connected to all that is. As founder and president of the BEe Healing Guild and being half Native American, I, Lady Spirit Moon, take these words seriously. I walk the Red Road and try to honor everything, everywhere, at all times, and take nothing without giving back something, be it a good thought, a prayer, or a touch,

It is time to BEe Healing the earth, humans, and animals by bringing back our ancestors’ knowledge of earth stewardship and connecting once again to and with Mother Nature and Her environment. We need to touch Her soil with our hands and not just with large machinery and stop using harmful chemicals on our food or soil. It is time to walk the earth and communicate with Mother’s heartbeat and get to know Her once again.

The honeybees are dying and humans are the reason. It is the Guild’s goal to teach BEe Perspective Beekeeping and sponsor the annual Gathering, which covers everything related to honeybees from learning about topbar hives – to communicating with bees – to learning how humans are harming the earth, environment, us, and all wildlife – to learning about solutions.

Sign up for our newsletter and join us often. Our website will reflect our growth according to what is needed for the mind, body, spirit for Mother Earth, humans, and honeybees. To improve our goals, please feel free to offer gentle, helpful suggestions through our contact page.