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Apitherapy ClassI had open heart surgery 4 weeks ago to replace a genetically faulty heart valve. One of the diagnoses I received during pre-op was Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. PCO is a disorder affecting a lot of women and can cause difficult menstrual cycles, weight gain, infertility, high testosterone level, diabetes, resistance to insulin, etc. These things have been my issues since puberty. Researching this disorder and through personal experience, I have a better understanding of hormones and how the cortisol from the adrenal glands affects bee venom, PTSD, depression, etc., especially in chronic illnesses. I need spine surgery and stinging myself several times for back pain helped with the pain. But at the time, unbeknownst to me, the cortisol was doing me harm. I already had an understanding of what cortisol did for PTSD after doing intensive research when the VA Hospital diagnosed me in 2003. PCO puts a whole other spin on the subject.

I will endeavor to add this information on the Bee Venom portion of the Apitherapy PPT which will extend the afternoon of Bee Venom in my Apitherapy Course. From personal experience I have learned that cortisol is my enemy – in many ways. I can understand how it would affect someone with chronic illness, including Lyme disease.

The 2017 Apitherapy Class will be Saturday and Sunday, April 29 & 30 from 9-5. The cost is $295 and will include my book, Apitherapy – From a Beekeeper’s Perspective, and all supplies done in the hands-on workshops. Click here to pay and register. You will receive an email with further details after the April 15th cutoff date.

BEe Perspective Beekeeping

Friday through Sunday, May 19, 20, & 21 will be the first BEe Perspective Beekeeping Class, with one of those days the class will be in my apiary. You will learn how to check to see if you need to go into the hive, how to listen to your bees, and better understand why I don’t have to treat for Varroa. You will also learn to create both formulas in your kitchen for honeybee health. The cost is $295, which will include my book Bee Perspective Beekeeping. Click here to pay and register for the beekeeping class.

You will receive an email with further details after the May 8th cutoff date.


All classes will have a $30 fee cancelling if class is canceled prior to class cutoff dates. There is no refund after the cutoff dates.

For Accommodations and Directions to both classes, click here and scroll down the page.