Save Our Bees


The BEe Healing Guild is a non-profit organization presently funded by our BEe Perspective Beekeeping classes, workshops, annual gatherings, fundraisers, grants, and donations. Please see more about our goals here. If you wish to donate to our cause, we would be most grateful. Every dollar counts in saving our honeybees. The funds will go toward our 3-year Scholarship Program that will teach new beekeepers how to raise resistant, healthy bees the way Mother Earth does. We hope to certify scholarship recipients to teach and lecture the BEe Perspective Beekeeping treatment-free practices.


It can’t be overstated that the honeybees are key to humanity’s long-term survival. After all, they are critical pollinators as they pollinate 70% of our foods and are responsible for more than $200 billion per year in crops. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. Not only do humans eat plant-based food, but so do animals. A world without bees means devastation to our world.


Our bees have been dying and disappearing. Since 2006, European beekeepers have reported devastating bee loss in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, and elsewhere. The Northern Ireland Assembly reports a decline of greater than 50 percent! In North America, the percentage is similar.


We at the Guild are concerned, and feel it is our duty to train people to BEe Perspective Beekeeping. That is why we need your help. Because we are a 501c corporation, your donations are tax deductible. Please give with your heart. We and the honeybees thank you for your considerations.


You may donate with your credit card through our PayPal account, or you may add us to Amazon Smile as the charity of your choice. With Amazon Smile, 0.5% of every purchase you make will help our cause. You can go here to sign up for our charity. Then save the page in your favorites to save time while you shop.


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