Apitherapy from A Beekeeper’s Perspective




Apitherapy is an ancient alternative healing modality dating back several thousand years and used by Hippocrates, mentioned by Plato, and others throughout our history. At one time only trained priestesses were allowed to be beekeepers. Honey was often used instead of money.

Apitherapy is defined as api, meaning bee and therapy from the Greek word therapia, which literally means “curing” or “healing.” Apitherapy is healing by using bee products – bee venom, beeswax, royal jelly, Apilarnil (larva), honey, propolis, pollen, and beebread – for many health issues, skin problems, autoimmune deficiency, arthritis, Muscular Dystrophy, and much, much more. The list is endless.

This book has sections on Beeswax, Apilarnil, Royal Jelly, N-Chromosome Royal Jelly, Pollen, Beebread, Honey, Honeydew Honey, Propolis, and Bee Venom with a section on stinging for Lyme disease.

There are pictures of what the product looks like during the creation and after completion; pictures on removing the stinger for micro and half stings and how to do a full sting; bee venom reactions; spine chart for Lyme, etc. Recipes follow each section. You will learn what the honeybee needs to create the hive products and what part of the honeybee’s anatomy is involved in the creation.

You will also learn how to sustainably harvest the product from the hive and still allow the honeybee to keep what it needs for survival.

Here’s what readers have to say:

“This book has many sections illustrating “how to”. Having read several other apitherapy books myself, this one really teaches the reader step by step and shows pictures of what things should look like as you’re working. It’s a great stepping off point for your apitherapy research and practice. I would recommend it for inclusion in any apitherapist’s reference library.”

“This book has been written by a practitioner who also teaches what she practices!! This book gives details of the actual “how tos” of using all hive products, how to make them, complete with recipes. An absolutely wonderful book – You’ll want two (one to loan out so you never misplace your own!) Basic, easy read for any layperson. Having personally met this author, I must say Lady is a spiritual individual who honors all things on Earth and “Mother” gives her guidance in helping others. I highly recommend this book!”

“I had a hard time putting it down. By far the best Apitherapy book I have read ! Cleared up a lot of questions I been wondering about!”

“A very informative book on a subject that information can be difficult to find. It is amazing to discover the breadth of health issues that can be addressed using products of the bee hive. The author has a unique approach to treatment free beekeeping and a broad background on alternative healing with certifications in herbs and nutrition. I found this book to be a valuable resource for the sensitive beekeeper and everyone interested in alternative approaches to health. I refer to it often.”

“I was surprised by all of the information in this book. This book opened my mind to a new way of thinking about managing our own health.”

“I’m very impressed w The extensive info on all hive products including venom, Royal jelly, pollen, honey and propolis. She includes instructions on how to harvest propolis, pollen ,bee bread and venom. She talks about remedies for various afflictions and the recipes for creating the medicine. There are lots of color photos and clear illustrations and photos showing contraindications. This book is packed w info on bees and how they can help cure you.”


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