BEe Healing Guild

Scholarship Program

The BEe Healing Guild Scholarship is for a 3-year program. A serious and dedicated candidate will be chosen as the Scholarship Recipient (SR) with the opportunity to learn BEe Perspective Beekeeping. The scholarship will provide the recipient with everything needed to become a proficient beekeeper. Please read below about the scholarship award, prerequisites, guidelines, stipulations, mandatory classes and workshops, and beekeeping certification. An online application is available at the bottom of this page. If you’d rather complete a hard copy of the application and mail it in, it will be available here by the end of December. You must read the entire page before going to application. The SR will be notified by email whether or not s/he has been accepted into the scholarship program.


Scholarship Award

Once an SR is awarded with the BEe Healing Guild Scholarship, s/he will receive the following:


  • 3 years of mentoring by Lady and a local mentor
  • BEe Perspective Beekeeping Class the 1st and 2nd years
  • reimbursement for round-trip transportation will be made after receipts have been submitted
    • First Year – the SR will receive two Langstroth bee hives the first year, 2 bee nucs from their geographic area, 2 nuc boxes, protective clothing, and inspection tools – everything but bees and some equipment will be purchased the first year while attending in-person training with Lady
    • Second Year – the SR wlll attend Private BEe Perspective Beekeeping for 3-4 days and a review
    • Third Year – the SR will receive a certification for completing the 3-year program and be invited to test for BEe Perspective Instructor Certification


Scholarship Applicant Prerequisites

We are fully committed to a strong equal opportunity without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, genetic information, or reprisal. If you are physically challenged, we do ask that you disclose the entire nature of your challenge(s) so that we can make accommodations for your disability. The following are the prerequisites for our consideration for an SR:


  • at least 18 years of age
  • must be living in the Continent of the United States
  • have an income of no more than $40,000 per year
  • must be of sound mind with no mental illness record
  • may not have any addictions (i.e., drugs, alcohol, etc.)
  • physical challenges (if applicable) must be disclosed


Scholarship Deadlines

  • Scholarship Application Deadline: March 31, 2018
  • Scholarship Winner(s) Notification: Mid-April 2018


Scholarship Recipient Guidelines & Stipulations

Once the SR begins the 3-year program, s/he is required to follow the scholarships guidelines and stipulations. If the SR does not abide by the guidelines, scholarship funds and benefits will be made null and void. If any funds or tangible benefits have been provided to the SR before the scholarship contract was forfeited, the SR will reimburse the BEe Healing Guild of all that was paid out to the SR. Following are the guidelines:


  • keep within the Guild’s BEe Perspective Beekeeping practices and policies
  • will not use other methodologies not congruent with the principles and practices of the Guild’s BEe Perspective Beekeeping policies during the 3-year scholarship contract (i.e., chemicals whether harsh or soft; essential oils; traps; non-bee devices in hives; and any other principles or practices not congruent with the Guild’s BEe Perspective Beekeeping principles and practices)
  • will obtain a bee mentor in his or her local area with like-minded or similar qualifications for treatment-free beekeeping (mentor must be willing to sign a mentorship document [to be provided from the Guild] which also indicates how long s/he has been a beekeeper and what practices s/he uses)
  • must have his or her own property for hive placement or permission to place hives on another’s property with written permission (the SR has the responsibility to learn his/her laws or statutes pertaining to beekeeping in his/her area)


Mandatory Classes & Workshops for Scholarship Recipient to Attend

First Year

  • will attend the BEe Perspective Beekeeping class held by the BEe Healing Guild in May* and stay one (1) additional week for further training in the Spring Creek Community of Hot Springs, North Carolina (this includes instructions on first year beekeeping which entails building hives, routine inspections to ensure the queen is laying plenty of eggs, re-queening, adding supers, prepping for winter and more)
  • will attend the annual BEe Healing’s Annual Gathering in September* and stay one (1) additional week for further training in the Spring Creek Community of Hot Springs, North Carolina (a couple days before the BEe Perspective Class and about 3 days afterwards)


Second Year

  • will have the choice of whether or not to repeat the BEe Perspective Beekeeping class held by the BEe Healing Guild in May* and stay one (1) additional week for further training in the Spring Creek Community of Hot Springs, North Carolina, for second year lessons of beekeeping on how and when to increase the number of hives by splitting the original two colonies, continual bee hive inspections, learning about nature and Mother Earth’s cycles with the bees, insects, botany, and more


Third Year

  • will be given the 3-year BEe Perspective Beekeeping Certification and be offered the opportunity to learn and take the BEe Perspective Instructor exam for certification (the goal is to show our certified instructors how they can go out to other areas for lecturing and training); SR will also be offered free admittance only to all of our classes and Annual Gatherings (transportation, as well as room and board, will be the responsibility of the SR)


NOTE: The asterisk (*) denotes a tentative scheduled date for future classes and workshops.


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