Celebrate the Honey Bee

BEe Healing Gathering

Each year, the BEe Healing Guild holds a “gathering” for beekeepers and enthusiasts. It is a wonderful networking opportunity to learn and understand, share and guide, and experience the interconnectedness of honey bees, humans, and Mother Earth. This is a 3-day gathering held in September. The Gathering will show you how honey bees have the ability to teach humans to be humane. In fact, honey bees demonstrate three traits of a sentient being:


Honey Bee Intelligence

The honey bee is an organized superorganism just like humans. In fact, each bee has a duty throughout its life based on its age, capability, and other elements we humans are still learning. For example, some honey bees are scouts while others are propolis gatherers. What makes each so? We have even seen honey bees organize into a semi-circle to round up an enemy (wasp) and send it to our thumbs to mash. The honey bee is the only pollinator that does not cross-pollinate our food when gathering pollen and nectar. After their work is complete, they head home to their hives and put away their stores, clean up, and go back out to forage.


Honey Bee Compassion

Like humans, honey bees are compassionate beings. They help one another. They groom each other. They work together to surround and reclaim food from a robber bee. They never sting their enemy bee but rather send it on its way after recovering their food.


Honey Bee Health

Honey bees need nutrients. They get the vitamins and minerals from the same plants that we humans take our own nutrition.


Honey Bee Ceremonial Rite

While honey bees may use different systems than humans for certain practices, they are similar in their planning and organization. For instance, we take care of our deceased by having a funeral and burying them. While honey bees don’t do this, they do take care for their dead by putting them out of the hive rather than letting them lay there to decompose.


We invite you to the BEe Healing Gathering which is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of September 7-9, 2018. It is here where you will learn so much about the teachings of honey bees. And, if you’re willing, honey bees will instruct you to listen to the stories in the wind, to the chuckling of water as it passes over the stones to the creek, as well as to stand still long enough to hear your own heartbeat. After all, honey bees provide all of us with life though the flower and love through honey.