The Gathering: Celebrate the Honeybee!


The honeybee is an intelligent, very well organized superorganism – this is intelligence. It assists others inside and by protecting each other outside the hive – this is compassion. The combination shows they are sentient beings. They need the same nutrients from plants as we do to survive. Their antiquity dates back millions and millions of years before human kind. And yet, they can teach us to be human.

There are 3 traits that signify a sentient being and the honeybees have all 3.

• Intelligence – The honeybee is an organized superorganism with duties applied to each bee throughout its life based on its ages, capabilities and other elements we don’t know about; like what does it take to be a scout or a propolis gatherer. And I have seen them organize into a group to round up a wasp and send it to my thumb for me to mash.
• Compassion – The honeybee groom each other. I have seen them help one another. I have seen 3-4 bees surround a robber bee and take the food out of the robber’s mouth and send it on its way rather than sting it.
• Ceremonial rite – Honeybees put their dead out of the hive. It may not be as ceremonial as you or would do for those close to us. But they do take care of their dead.

The 3 traits humanize them on a level different than ours, but their nutritional needs are similar. They need vitamins and minerals as we do and get them from the same plants we take our own nutrition.

The honeybee is the only pollinator that does not cross-pollinate our food when they gather pollen and nectar. They go back to the hive to put away their stores, clean up, and then go back out to forage.

Their antiquity dates back millions and millions of years before human kind. And yet, they can teach us to be humane. They teach us to listen to the stories in the wind; to the chuckling of the water as it passes over the stones in the creek; and to stand still long enough to hear our heartbeat. If we stand still long enough we can also hear Mother’s deep, slow heartbeat.

The honeybees are the only creatures that take what Mother offers them, take it back to the hive to have all the workers add their magic as they pass the pollen and nectar around. When the bees are finished and store the product in the cells, we can sustainably harvest the product to heal beyond anyone’s belief and imagination.

group-shotWe invite you to join us at our annual Gathering; a place for people to share, learn, express, teach, guide, experience, heal, and understand the components of body, mind, and spirit for honeybees, humans, and Mother Earth. The honeybee is so close to a human in mind, body, and spirit, that you will feel the wonderment when you learn to communicate with the bee.

meditation-2The Gathering will show you how the honeybee can teach you to slow down and view things from a different perspective.

Stay tuned for our 2017 Gathering date to be announced before the end of the year.mira-bee