September 7-9, 2018

BEe Healing Annual Gathering - Hive Immersion

We cordially invite you to our BEe Healing Annual Gathering “Hive Immersion” to be held September 7-9, 2018. It is here where you will learn so much about communicating with honeybees as you meditate to their hive sounds. It is a wonderful networking opportunity where you may learn and understand, share and guide, and experience the interconnectedness of honeybees, humans, and Mother Earth.



The Gathering will show you how honeybees have the ability to teach humans to be humane by demonstrating the 3 traits of a sentient being which are:


Honeybee Intelligence

The honeybee is an organized superorganism with each bee having a duty throughout its life based on its age, capability, and other elements we humans are still learning. For example, what trait makes a bee a scout while others are propolis gatherers. We have even seen honeybees organize into a semi-circle to round up an enemy (wasp) and send it to our thumbs to mash. The honeybee is the only pollinator that does not cross-pollinate our food when gathering pollen and nectar. After their work is complete, they head home to their hives, put away their stores, clean up, and go back out to forage from another plant species.


Honeybee Compassion

Honeybees help one another. They groom each other. They work together to surround and reclaim food from a robber bee without stinging their enemy and sending it on its way.


Honeybee Health

Honey bees need the same nutrients, including probiotics, from the same plants that humans eat. They also harvest resins from barks and buds and transform them into propolis, one of the strongest healing elements we have.


Honeybee Ceremonial Rite

We take care of our deceased by having a funeral and burying them. While honeybees don’t do this, they do take care of their dead.



If you’re willing, the bees will teach you how to listen to their stories in the wind, to the chuckling water as it passes over the stones to the creek, and how to stand still long enough to hear your own heartbeat. We hope you will gather with us for the weekend of September 7-9, 2018 at the Sterchi Lodge which is within walking distance of Max Patch on the Appalachian Trail:


“At an elevation of 4,629 feet, Max Patch boasts a 360-degree view of the Appalachian Mountains including the Blue Ridge and the Smokies. The Appalachian Trail crosses the top of the grassy bald. Wildflowers bloom there in the spring and fantastic leaf color can be seen in the fall. A short hike from the parking area takes you to the top.”


The lodge will sleep 42 in a dorm (21 bunks upstairs and downstairs each). Thursday arrivals and Monday AM departures are an additional cost. Bring your own linen and toiletries. Toilet paper is provided. Three organic meals will be served on each of the days. Class will be held in the great room with one day to be determined in the BEe Healing Apiary.


The cost for the Gathering is $225 per person. Cancellations must be made by July 6, 2018, to allow us to prepare for the class. Thereafter, the cancellation fee is $30 which will be deducted from your refund. Refunds will be mailed to the registrant. Registration form coming soon.